Simply Smile believes that attainable dental care is important for everyone, regardless of income level. Seeking the right dentist can often be an overwhelming task. Although dentistry is a complicated subject, the team at Simply Smile provides empathetic, safe, and affordable service.

If you are seeking a Medicaid Dentist in the Indianapolis area, contact us to learn more about scheduling appointments.

Dental Services

If you are a resident of the Indianapolis area that is looking for a capable, empathetic dentist, Simply Smile has you covered. The team at Simply Smile prides itself on a holistic approach to dental services. Treatment at our clinic begins with a client intake form. Once this is completed, our dentists will have an understanding of your overall dental needs.

Some of the services that Simply Smile offers include:

  • X-Rays
  • Periodic Screening
  • Treatment of Gum Disease
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Restorations
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Fixed Dental Bridges

We offer these services and more. For more information on treatments with Simply Smile, visit our website, or call our clinic to speak with a doctor today!

dental services

Patients With Medicaid Insurance

Simply Smile offers everything from emergency services to orthodontia. We understand that choosing to seek dental care can be overwhelming, and we want to make this a low risk, comfortable process for new patients.

Patients with Medicaid should call to see if we are the right fit for you. Let us put a smile on your face!

Restorative Dentistry
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Emergency Dental Care

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, and you need same day service in Indianapolis, Simply Smile may be the right choice for you. Through our comprehensive approach to dental care, we provide cost effective treatment for emergency dental needs.

We frequently provide emergency service for such issues as broken teeth, advanced infections, and tooth pain. When it comes to emergency dental issues, it is better to receive same day treatment rather than waiting too long.

If you are suffering from dental pain, call us today for help.

If you are looking for low cost care, please contact our compassionate health center with questions regarding reduced fees, insurance services, medicaid, and sliding fee scale dental assistance.The staff at Simply Smile feel passionately about serving the health and well being of our local community through safe, expert dental services.

Contact us today to inquire about our affordable dental services!

Hoosier Healthwise

For pregnant women, children up to the age of 19, and their families, Hoosier Healthwise covers care for such things as doctor’s visits, dental appointments, prescription medicine, and hospitalizations. If you have coverage through Medicaid, it is important to schedule with dentists that accept Medicaid.

If you need dental appointments for a child in Indianapolis, visit our website for information on our services, or call our family practice to speak to a doctor today!

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Indiana Medicaid Services

Does Indiana Medicaid cover dental work? The answer is yes! If you are a member of a Medicaid program in Indiana, you may apply this towards health care, dentist services, and other options.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Medicaid Insurance Provider

When you are a Simply Smile patient, we take your overall health into account when treating your dental issues. For the first step, we have you fill out a comprehensive medical and dental history. With this information, we can proceed to creating a treatment plan. Through communication, empathy, and expert knowledge, we strive to provide the appropriate treatment for each member of our community.

If you are a Medicaid member in Indianapolis looking for dental care, contact us today for an appointment.

Family Practice Medicaid Coverage

Simply Smile in Indianapolis offers comprehensive dental care benefits for children as well as adult members of the family. The dentists on our team are passionate about maintaining lasting smiles for our patients through regular cleaning and periodic screening for things like gum disease, malocculsions, and other developing issues that affect teeth. We accept various insurance options and are happy to provide cost effective strategies for the whole family.

Specializing in Preventative Care

At Simply Smile, we believe that preventative care is an attainable, efficient, and cost effective approach to maintaining great smiles. Our doctors provide a wide range of treatment options. However, we are dedicated to empowering members of our community to take a proactive approach with education, regular cleanings, and frequent brushing and flossing.

For more information on preventative care, call us to schedule an appointment today.

Hoosier Care Connect

Getting that long needed dental work done can often be a hard decision to make. Oftentimes whether or not you opt to receive well needed care depends on affordability. Patients in the Indianapolis area that are searching for free dental clinics or a dental clinic offering a sliding fee scale, often find Simply Smile to be a good option for affordable, worry free dental care for the entire family. While we accept many forms of insurance, we also offer a comprehensive payment plan option for those without insurance.

At Simply Smile, we feel passionately about members of the Indianapolis community receiving affordable, quality healthcare.

Contact us to schedule an exam today!

Medicaid Care Providers

Simply Smile believes in educating our Indianapolis patients in the art of self care. As health care providers, we take a holistic approach that encompasses not just our patients’ dental health, but their general well being also. First, we want to understand you health care history. Then we move on to creating and implementing a comprehensive care strategy.

If you are seeking Medicaid dentists in the Indianapolis area, visit our website for more information.

Medicaid Insurance Coverage Indiana

The team at Simply Smile in Indianapolis, is passionate about treating patients of all ages, from all walks of life. We offer a comprehensive dental care plan that begins with understanding your medical and dental history. With an emphasis on communication and education, we then proceed with an individualized treatment plan.

If you are seeking Medicaid dentists in Indiana call Simply Smile for important information.

Healthy Indiana Plan

Healthy Indiana is a medical care program for qualified adults in Indiana. For certain members, it can even provide dental and vision care. If you are a Healthy Indiana member looking for a qualified dentist, visit our website for more information.

Medicaid Dentist Indianapolis

Simply Smile is proud to serve the Indianapolis community by providing a wide range of dental health care. We can help with everything from a broken tooth to treatments for periodontal disease. Simply Smile bases it’s success on the belief that preventative and educational care are more effective than reactive care alone.

Through our comprehensive care plan, we aim to put a smile on your face. Call us today for more info!

Orthodontics in Indiana

Orthodontics specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of irregularities of the teeth, jaw, and face. The dentists at Simply Smile that specialize in orthodontia have undergone 2 -3 years of extra training to be able to provide this service.

Speak with a team member to see if Orthodontics is right for you!

Medicaid Dental Care Services

Dental benefits in Indianapolis are covered by Medicaid when you visit a network dentist. If you need to make appointments for you or your family, visit our web site, or speak to one of our team members for more information.

Cosmetic Dental Care Services

At Simply Smile in Indianapolis, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services including, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and porcelain fixed bridges. We believe that every person in our community should feel confident and happy with their smile. For more information about cosmetic dental services, contact us today!

Medicaid Service Indianapolis

In Indiana, Medicaid provides health services for low income members of the community. Depending on factors such as age, ability, and income level, members are eligible for different Medicaid programs. Medicaid covers a variety of services including dental and health appointments. Children, adults, and seniors may be covered by the Medicaid network.

Indianapolis Dentist

Simply Smile, on Southport Rd in Indianapolis, provides comprehensive dentist appointments for the whole family. We specialize in getting to know you and your overall well being before treating your teeth. We offer a variety of treatments including, regular checkups, orthodontia, and cosmetic dentistry. Let us put a smile on your face!

Periodontics Services Indianapolis

A majority of the time, the beginning stages of gum disease go undetected. In fact, studies show that 4 out of 5 people have periodontal disease and don’t know it. Periodontal disease occurs when plaque and food particles build up around the gum line and begin to damage gum tissue and bone surrounding your teeth. Gum disease is usually preventable by periodic screening and regular brushing and flossing.

The team at Simply Smile is adept at the treatment of gum disease as well as empowering our patients to prevent factors that lead to periodontal disease in the first place.