Indianapolis Dentist Offers Comprehensive Dental Care

Indianapolis Dentist Offers Comprehensive Dental Care In One Location

Indianapolis, IN based Simple Smile Indy is pleased to offer families in their community comprehensive access to all the dental care they may require. The practice has long made it a point to take care of every dental health issue their patients may have under one roof. Emergency services are available here as well. Learn more at the following link: Dentist Indianapolis.

In addition to general dental care, the practice offers a number of services that take the patient’s cosmetic preferences into account alongside their dental health demands. These services include teeth whitening, dental implants, restorative dentistry and other cutting edge procedures that are designed to deliver the best results possible while minimizing patient discomfort. Simple Smile Indy understands that their patients want to leave the premises with a beautiful smile, and they have taken every measure to ensure this.

Simple Smile Indy explains that dentistry is a complicated subject that requires years of focused education and practice for a dentist to be competent at, but this does not have to mean that patients also have to endure a grueling experience every time they need dental care. True to their name, Simple Smile Indy seeks to eliminate every obstacle between their patients and the lovely, bright smile they seek regardless of whether they are adults, children or seniors. This is also the case no matter what type of procedure is required. The practice treats broken teeth, gum disease and much more every day, and every service is customized to match each patient’s individual needs.

A number of other factors make a treatment at Simple Smile Indy a welcoming experience. For instance, the practice believes that patients can make better decisions about their dental health if they are educated about the procedures they are to undergo and understand the value of preventative maintenance. As a result, patients can have an open discussion with their dentist that covers every facet of their care. Simple Smile Indy further understands that going to the dentist can be a difficult experience for some individuals. Their team is equipped to handle such cases as well, offering support for patient anxiety that is backed by a calm atmosphere and advanced treatment options. In certain cases, same day treatment may be available as well, reducing how much time a patient has to wait.

Notably, the dental clinic’s preventative services rely on more than the patient’s own efforts to achieve success. The prevention of dental disease and decay may start at home, but the dentists at Simple Smile Indy can do a great deal to prepare their patients even further. To begin with, a visit may include in-office diagnostics that serve to help both the dentist and patient track the latter’s condition as well as respond to any concerns in a timely and appropriate manner.

This is accomplished via regular exams, cleanings, X-rays and pediatric dentist services. The practice’s dentists can also make use of intra-oral cameras that provide detailed views of a patient’s mouth, teeth and gums. By performing several examinations over the course of a patient’s visits, a visual log of the patient’s progress can be maintained. If necessary, the dentist may suggest cosmetic or restorative procedures to help the patient correct any irregularities.

Naturally, this attention to detail and personalized care is greatly appreciated by all who visit the clinic. Daniel C. shares in their review, “Had 5 fillings, and a wisdom tooth extraction done quickly here in one week without any issues. The staff is awesome and incredibly nice, and the dentist Sean Kelly is efficient and hilarious. I haven’t been to a dentist in a long time (10+ years), so I was pretty nervous coming in. But everybody here is very caring, and they made it a very comfortable experience!” This 5-Star review was posted to the company’s Google profile, and the practice actively looks forward to receiving similar feedback from their patients.

Patients are welcome to phone or email Simple Smile Indy today to schedule their next appointment or raise any concerns about their dental health. Learn more about the practice, the technology at their disposal and every procedure they offer at the following link: Simply Smile Indianapolis.